LP13 – Mini Light Arrow

Advanced Warning to “Pass Left”, “Pass Right” or “Hard-shoulder Works”

  • 13 Amber lamps forming a mini light arrow (left or right) and a 4-hold hazard warning (hard shoulder works)
  • Lamps are fitted on a Grey backing board
  • Visible over a long distance allowing motorists enough time to move away from the blocked lane
  • Ideal for use on routine maintenance and ISU vehicles
  • Automatic day and night adaptation of light intensity
  • 12 V or 24 V system with easy to use cab-fitted remote control
  • High grade micro-processor controlled electronics
  • Fully BS and EN complaint and meets Charter 8 requirements
  • Equipped with Halogen or LED Lamps either as “Fixed” or in “articulated” version

VSA Lighting Board

  • LED based Light Arrow system specifically designed for impact protection and traffic management vehicles
  • System consists of LED light arrow board at the top and 610 arrow on the bottom
  • Top and bottom boards are inter-linked with an arrow motor enabling the operator to switch on the light with the corresponding 610 arrow
  • High grade micro-processor controlled electronics
  • Galvanised framework with grey aluminium backing board for the light arrow
  • Easy to operate with cab-fitted remote control – which displays the arrow positions on the light board
  • Ultra-bright light arrows with single 220mm dia LED Zyklop classic lamps and 2-fold 340mm dia LED lamps can be seen from far distance
  • Fully BS and EN norms compliant and meets Charter 8 requirements
  • A vertical Lift version is also available


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