Acklea’s hire vehicles are built to the highest specification. We run vehicles from 3.5T Transits with T.M bodies and LP13 to 26T Full T.M bodies with crash cushions.

We also have Transits with MLC (for 12c works) demountable signboards on.

Short Term / Long Term Hire / Contract Hire

Acklea’s hire fleet consists of a wide range of highly specified vehicles, ranging from 3.5T Vehicles with Light Arrows or Demountable MLC Boards, Specialist 7T Traffic Management Vehicles with High Load Capacity, to 18T/26T Full Traffic Management Vehicles with Crash Cushions, including Low Entry Chassis’.
For Long Term or Contract Hire’s, Acklea can bespoke build vehicles and bespoke service levels to your own requirements.
Please contact us today to discuss further.



Call us today 01249 822600

Call us today 01249 822600