Vehicle Sales

Acklea can build your bespoke vehicle from start to finish taking all the trouble and risk away from our customers.

New Vehicles

Acklea will design and build your vehicle for you and type approve it as well, this will include the Scorpion crash cushion under run bar.

We will spec the vehicles up with you, design the complete vehicle on the chosen chassis, supply drawings before the build begins (all drawings must be signed off by the customer prior to work starting). We will then follow the build program set out upon receiving an order, providing the customer with progress reports throughout the build program.

Used Vehicles

Acklea has a large hire fleet that does get replaced periodically, if you are interested in any used vehicle please contact our sales team.

Vehicles ranging from 3.5T to 26T available for hire.

2002 Mercedes 18T Traffic Management Truck with Crash Cushion & Lightboard
Dennis Elite 18T Traffic Management
Mercedes Traffic Management vehicles with U-Mad Crash Cushion & Light Arrow (x2)
18T Dennis Elite 2 (x2) 2007 Plate

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