Acklea takes on Eurovia truck challenge

Acklea a division of SHB Hire Ltd recently completed the build of a newly designed, highly specialised 18T ‘Special Treatments’ vehicle for Eurovia which has resulted in a further two orders for the same vehicle being placed.

Eurovia approached Acklea to discuss the opportunity of revamping their fleet of ‘Special Treatment’ vehicles, redesigning them to bring them fully up to date with current operational requirements. 

The early stages of the process involved both parties liaising to re-configure the entire design from scratch, essentially designing the entire vehicle based on the original chassis. Acklea’s experience combined with the clear and concise details supplied by Eurovia enabled the design of the vehicle to be a swift process.

The entire vehicle design was uniquely based on what Eurovia required; therefore even the minimalist of details on the body had to be thought through taking into account operator feedback, data based on the original vehicle design and also the operational requirements surrounding the use of the vehicle.

Starting with the front of the vehicle it was decided that a Pod was required to be located for this area of the vehicle, however the new Pod would need to differ from the original Pod design as it was acknowledged that the original was not sizeable enough. The Pod storage space was made level to the height of the cab to improve on the original size, and similarly the sign storage rack was also made to be the same height as the cab for design purposes as well as restricting the overall height of the vehicle.

The middle POD needed to carry several gas bottles, so the design had to incorporate a method for keeping the gas bottles safe and secure during transit as well as ensuring adequate air flow in case of any build-up of fumes. Vents were added to the top and bottom of the Pod, with sliding doors providing easy and safe access particularly for the purpose of lifting heavy gas bottles. Shelves were also added to the middle Pod to enable the storage of other items as it was decided this would be beneficial for workers using the vehicle. 

Eurovia’s standard stair way was added complete with a full height solid door to the near side of the truck complete with hand creams and eye wash facilities.

The rear of the vehicle was designed for carrying three drums of rubbish; the drums have floor clamps and poles to stop any movement when traveling so the bed of the truck was designed to accommodate these fixings. The area behind the drums is for the storage of cones, which again this is an area designed just for Eurovia, with steps that pull out from under the bed and a gate that opens fully to allow the operatives to climb onto the bed area.

As a highways purpose vehicle, the truck required an LP13 mini light arrow to the rear framework which was further boosted by the latest innovative LED beacons and work lights also being fixed to the truck.

The latest lighting systems combined with the overall specifically designed body places the vehicle at the very forefront of cutting edge highways purpose vehicles which Acklea are highly proud to be a part of.

The finished vehicle was warmly received by Eurovia and has already generated significant positive feedback from the operatives using the truck. This had led to a further two orders for the same design and build trucks from Eurovia.

“Eurovia Specialist Treatment have decided this year to update their fleet of supply vehicles for their national Micro-Surfacing Business so this gave us a chance to make these vehicles more user friendly and also to make them safer to get on and off whilst carrying cones and supplies for site. The vehicles also required an LP13 board fitted to the rear so who better to build these for us than Acklea. We work extensively with Acklea who also supply our business with IPV vehicles and the existing relationship between both parties made the entire process highly efficient. We sat down with Acklea and explained what we needed and how we would be using these vehicles and they designed the perfect vehicle for our division. We are highly impressed with the quality of the first truck which is why we have placed an order for a further two.

“The vehicles have excellent storage for our equipment and our staff have been quick to say that it is a massive step forward for the business.” – Chris Dixon – Transport & Plant Operations Manager Eurovia UK